DOUG BASS, is a stand-up comedian and professional dog walker. A newlywed who is adjusting to married life all while wrangling celebrity dogs in LA. Born and raised in New Jersey, His beloved and infamous Shitsu “Waffles” is by his side 24/7, sometimes even on stage, and sometimes even gets recognized more than Doug himself. Inspired by Jerry Seinfeld, this young comedian with an old soul chose the profession of “Dog Walker” a job usually reserved for “Retired” folk. His comedy dives into his relationship with his wife, his pet peeves of live, and his misadventures with dogs.   If he were to star in his own sitcom it would be called “Must Love Dougs!” Doug has appeared in several national commercials and Co-Starred with Lisa Kudrow on HBO's "The Comeback." Get the latest dog and Doug information @DougBassComedy|